How to design skill bar in Adobe XD

You can design a beautiful skill bar just by following these simple steps. 

Let's Begin the tutorial!

Step 1: Open Adobe XD and choose the web 1920 artboard. Rename the artboard to Skill-Bar.

Step 2: To draw a circle select the Ellipse tool from the toolbar (or press E to select the Ellipse tool). Now draw a circle on the Artboard. (To draw a perfect circle hold Shift key on your keyboard then draw the circle).

Step 3: Increase the border Size to 15 and Dash to 800 and Gap to 400.

*Note: If the circle you drew doesn't look the same as it looks in the image, try resizing the circle holding the Shift key.

Step 4: Draw another circle or copy the existing circle (ctrl + c) and paste it using (ctrl +v) and null the border properties. Resize and fit the new circle inside the older circle.

Step 5: Now change the border color of the outer circle and make select the Rounded Caps property.

Step 6: Select the Text tool, drag and draw a textbox in the circle and type HTML or any skill that you want. Then drag the textbox in the center using the Select tool (use v to choose the Select tool).

Step 7: Now repeat the above steps to design another skill bar to show off your skills.

Download the template below